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GenderFail: The Queer Ethics of Dissemination
VCUArts 2018 MFA Thesis

My research is centered upon my ongoing project GenderFail, a publishing and programming initiative featuring the perspectives of queer and trans people and people of color. GenderFail: The Queer Ethics of Dissemination is a collection of writings on queer collaboration, archiving as a collective act, and publishing as a site of queer community. The following text also illustrates the importance of creating and maintaining an intersectional platform as a non-binary white queer subject. I examine and define the role of “queer identity” in my own work while mapping the history of failure by white queers, including myself, in the of articulation of intersectionality. By understanding how intersectionality is important in a queer-focused collaborative practice, I seek to emphasize the messiness of citation, collaboration, and community in relation to my discursive uses of printed matter.

So, we came here to tear shit up, you know? Including ourselves. We came to fail.
Fred Moten

How else might we imagine failure, and in terms of what kinds of desired political outcomes?Jack Halberstam

A queer resistance is a lifelong commitment to failure, education, and refusal.
Be Oakley